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The Markden Gardens Website, intends only to present information about our real, value-for-money, products and services.

All personal information that you choose to provide us, will only be used for the purpose in which it was provided, and that is essentially to provide a better, and more personalised, service to you.  Your personal information will not be sold or given to any other companies or organisations and will only be disclosed if required by law.

Although all care is taken to ensure that our website and files are free of computer viruses and other malicious software, Markden Gardens takes absolutely no responsibility for any damages incurred to you through the use and/or mis-use of this website or any files downloaded from this website. Please ensure you have adequate Anti-Virus and Firewall software installed on your computer to remain safe from the potential hazards of the Internet. We routinely run virus scans on all of our files.

RSS News Feeds and links to external websites are provided merely for your convenience. Markden Gardens does not guarantee the quality of links after they have been posted on this website. If you find a broken link, or want to notify us of an unwanted deep-link to your website, please click here to contact us via our online enquiry form. Validated requests to remove objectionable content, or your link / links, will be attended to as soon as possible by our web-support team.

HTTP-Cookies are used to maintain your browsing-session while you are on this website. Note that login is only provided for our registered clients. No personal information is stored in Cookies by this website, and Cookies are destroyed when your browsing session ends. For more information about HTTP-Cookies, click here to Google it.

Do not change the format of the Web Address or URL arguments by modification of any address in your browser Address Bar. Not only does this cause problems for our technicians, it might also cause the website to fail or behave erratically for you. We reserve the right to block the IP Address of any computer or network that attempts password-cracking techniques on our login pages, or is suspected of email address harvesting or other malicious and anti-productive actions.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about our website policies.
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