"Friendly, Personalised Home & Garden Services"

It's more than a slogan to Mark Chelin of Markden Gardens. It's a real commitment, and a company vision to provide truly personalised gardening services to the residents of Greater Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Mark says, "It sometimes appears that the world is becoming evermore rude, and forgetting what it once meant to have good manners and deal justly, in all manners and matters of business." Mark succinctly describes the very philosophy that is the foundation of the Markden Gardens mission.

For Home Owners...House markden gardens image

Let us help you to improve the look and feel of your home garden. We offer the entire suite of basic gardening services like: Mowing, Edging, Weeding, Planting, Pruning, Mulching, Pressure cleaning, pool cleaning and refuse removal. Any job big or small, we'll do our best to accommodate your requests and offer expert advice on all your queries regarding your home and garden maintenance.

We also do pavement works, small concreting jobs, garage clean ups, household junk removal, clean waste recycling, and composting of garden waste.

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Forever maintaining a high standard, we do our best in assisting you in the maintenance and preparation of your garden for a bond return, sales presentation, purely for aesthetics, and even in preparation for a garden party or celebration get-together.

For Everyone...

Here at Markden Gardens we contrast the trend, away from rushed and impersonal services. We would much rather take more time to be friendly and make good aquaintances, rather than just "bar-coding" another "half-happy" customer. Let's bring back the old word-of-mouth marketing that works so well to see that great customers become good friends.

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Our specialty is in the rejuvenation of your home garden on a budget. Have you ever thought of utilising the new industry of recycled building materials? For example, old railway sleepers, pre-loved pavers, timber, fence-wire, metal sheeting, and old bricks that you might have around, or sourced and acquired from a tip-shop or online.

And for anything else...

For all that we cannot do, we offer advice and referrals to other reputable people who can help you to achieve your dream home & garden. Also keep it all maintained for the long-term with a gardener who you'll know you can trust to do a great and respectable job, each and every time.

Thank-you for visiting us today, here at Markden Gardens.

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